2004 – 2006
Personal work – University

The Client

Personal project

The Job

“Subject-Object” is an experiment in which the visitor becomes the object, the subject and the indeed life itself in a completely static room. Experiencing himself or herself, observing, reflecting, discovering. What seems so self-evident is the stuff of the revolutionary thoughts of a diminutive man from Kaliningrad: Immanuel Kant. This installation is a perception playground, where art and philosophy are elucidated by each other.

On the occasion of the 2004 Year of Kant celebrations, the idea was to create a project about this great philosopher. During the realization of my initial ideas of film-like sequences of a Kantian world in a creative documentary style, my research was never-ending. Kant was everywhere, cropping up here, a flicker there until I was nearly overwhelmed with information. Eventually I stumbled upon a text about the new division of roles of art and theatre and the discourse referring to Kant about the relationship between the viewer and the work of art; the audience and the scene on the stage. Here I saw the chance to investigate Kant’s influence on modern art and culture more thoroughly; to deal with a fundamental thought of Kant’s – the freedom of human kind and elucidate this with an installation. The installation helps to explain Kant’s complexity in ways tangible to the viewer / participator.

My Part

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